Treatment method for water inlet and damage of single column hydraulic machine cylinder

Hydraulic forging press for sale,Cylinders have always been an important part of hydraulic presses, especially in single-column hydraulic presses. At the same time, it is precise because of the importance of the cylinder, in the event of a fault, the failure of the cylinder is relatively cumbersome to deal with. When the single-column hydraulic cylinder has a water inlet failure, the following treatment opinions are made:

1. Stop the operation of the equipment immediately

Hydraulic forging press for sale,According to the relevant principle, since the density of water is greater than that of hydraulic oil, the water will sink after the tank enters the water. When the cylinder is found to be in the water, the hydraulic machine should be stopped immediately, the temperature of the tank should be lowered, and the temperature of the oil can be heated, which helps the oil and water to separate. The above treatment method is also very suitable for the emulsification of hydraulic oil.

2. The use of filters with water absorption

For systems with small amounts of influent or less emulsified, a hydraulic oil filter with water absorption can be used to flush the oil. This type of filter also filters out impurities.

3. Use a vacuum dehydrator to remove the corresponding moisture

Hydraulic forging press for sale,The single-column hydraulic cylinder is large in size and can be drained by a vacuum dehydrator. The common vacuum dehydrator uses water to increase the temperature and the principle of the oil and water separation under vacuum conditions.

4.Rreplace the hydraulic oil

The hydraulic oil in the single-column hydraulic cylinder should be replaced. The hydraulic oil can be completely replaced if the hydraulic oil is particularly polluted or lacks other means of dehydration. After the water-contaminated hydraulic oil is cleaned, add the new oil to the lowest oil level that the oil pump can use.

In addition to the influent water, the single-column hydraulic machine may be damaged. The following reasons are given:

The factors that affect the working life of hydraulic cylinders are manifold. It must be analyzed in combination with specific conditions, but there are several main aspects to be summarized: design reasons, structural dimensions: if the flange height is too small or the flange outer diameter is too large, the integration should be too high and damaged.

Hydraulic cylinders are subject to premature failure due to overloading, usually due to improper design and manufacturing or improper operation.

If the single-column hydraulic cylinder is damaged, first check the connection between the flange and the hydraulic cylinder, and secondly, in the part where the hydraulic cylinder is moving to the bottom, a few cracks occur in the cylinder, and it is also damaged by severe cavitation. From the point of view of the use of the hydraulic cylinder, it is generally subjected to a high number of working loads in the event of damage.

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