Prensa hidráulica

Causas de atascamiento de una válvula en el sistema hidráulico de la máquina de prensa hidráulica


Custom hydraulic press,The hydraulic clamping in the hydraulic system of the hydraulic press machine increases the wear of the slide valve and reduces the service life of the hydraulic components. In the control system, the displacement of the spool is usually a small force electromagnet and a spring.

Custom hydraulic press,Hydraulic clamping will make the valve core ineffective or inoperable, which will cause undesirable results in system operation. What are the reasons for this situation?

1 During the assembly process of the hydraulic press machine, it is necessary to prevent the parts from knocking and pay attention to cleaning to reduce the introduction of particulate pollutants.

2 Impurities are mixed in the hydraulic oil. The dirt particles in the oil in the clearance gap and the clogging of the gap are also important reasons for hydraulic clamping.

3 Increase the manufacturing precision of spool and valve hole.

4 Hydraulic clamping caused by unbalanced radial force of hydraulic press machine.

5 When the precision of the hydraulic valve core is allowed, it can be worn along the cone (that is, the small end faces the high pressure area). If the structure permits, a tapered shoulder can be used.

6 The electromagnetic push rod on the dry solenoid valve is skewed.

7 Carefully remove the burrs on the shoulders of the core and the edges of the undercut grooves on the valve hole.

8 When the slide valve moves, the additional resistance and radial force are generated, and sometimes the additional resistance of the elastic deformation of the valve core or valve sleeve is also generated under the working pressure, as well as the additional resistance of the liquid boundary layer in the clearance between the valve core and valve sleeve.

9 The adsorption of polar molecules in oil is unbalanced.

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