Manufacturing Process of Wheelbarrow


The wheelbarrow is widely used in construction, agriculture, industrial production, etc.. They are the ideal transport vehicle for moving small items instead of purely manual handling, but do you know how to make Wheelbarrow? Today, we will learn about the detailed wheelbarrow production line from material cutting , stamping and welding to finished product assembly,and recommend more suitable machines for everyone.

Wheelbarrow Customization Parameters

● Material and thickness of the bucket

● The material, diameter and thickness of the pipe.

● The size of the wheelbarrow(drawing)

● Whether to add a trademark.

If necessary, confirm the size and position of the logo.


shearing machine

● Use shearing machine to cut the whole sheet to the desired size and shape.

● The shearing machine selection based on material, max length and thickness. In general, it is enough to choose swing beam shearing machine with E21S system.

● If there are higher requirements for accuracy and speed, and the shearing angle and blade clearance need to be adjusted, we recommend guillotine shearing machine.

Bucket Processing


● Select the Y27 hydraulic press with the appropriate tonnage for deep drawing. 

Assemble the deep drawing mold to draw the sheet metal into the basic shape of the bucket.

● Use the Y32 hydraulic press, install the trimming mold, and trim the edge of the semi-finished product that has been deep-drawn in the previous step to make the product more beautiful.

● Use the Y32 hydraulic press to process the edge of the bucket, and replace the trimming mold with flanging mold to turn the edge down and make it stronger.

● Use the Y32 hydraulic press and replace it with crimping mold, press the flanged edges, and the processing of the bucket is basically completed.


punching machine

● Use the Y32 hydraulic press to punch the bottom of the bucket, and the bottom hole is used to connect with the elbow, so it is necessary to determine the positions of the four bottom holes first, and then replace the punching mold for the hydraulic press for punching.

● Choosing J23 mechanical press to punch the side of the bucket and trademark can save processing costs and improve work efficiency.

● Choosing J23 mechanical press to punch holes in the metal pipe, flatten and bend a small section of the pipe at the punched hole as a whole, and then use screws to fix it.

● Choosing J23 mechanical press to punch and flatten the side of the pipe, but need to change different dies according to the size of the hole shape.

Cutting Pipe

pipe bending  machine
Pipe Cutting Machine

● Pipe cutting machine selection based on material, shape, wall thickness and sawing angle.

● Since the length of pipes purchased in batches is fixed, it is necessary to use a pipe cutting machine to cut the pipes according to the actual situation.

Bending Pipe

pipe bending machine
Pipe Bending Machine

● Pipe bending machine selection based on material, max bending tube diameter and wall thickness.

● Use the pipe bending machine to bend the cut pipe and other parts of the frame, mainly the bending of the wheelbarrow frame.

Laser Welding

laser welding machine
Laser Welding Machine

● Laser welding machine selection based on material and welding depth.

● It is mainly used for welding brackets, patches with rubber wheels, etc., the welding seam is beautiful without burrs, and the welding efficiency is also very high.

● Use the spray coating machine to paint on the steel surface.


painting machine
Painting Machine

● The machine is easy to use, sprays evenly, and can save materials.

● Optionally add the powder coating line to achieve higher production efficiency and product effect.

Wheelbarrow Spare Parts

spare parts
Spare Parts

● Wheels : one or a pair, air-filled wheels or solid rubber wheels, solid wheels are more durable.

● Bearing : a pair.

● Screws & Gaskets & Nuts : One set.

● Handlebar Grip : a pair.

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