Characteristics of different types of hydraulic press


100 ton shop press,This kind of hydraulic press is a traditional structural form, which is widely used. It is practical, economical and has four columns. The appearance is octagonal. The control electrical box adopts glass door, PLC computer control or ordinary electrical appliances, with reliable work, reliable operation, intuitive action and convenient maintenance. Independent button centralized control. It has two operation modes of adjustment and single cycle of both hands. Hydraulic control can adopt cartridge valve integrated system, reliable action, long service life, small hydraulic impact, reducing connection pipeline and dew point, or common hydraulic control.

1.1Simple structure, convenient manufacture and maintenance

1.2Can be customized to a large worktable and pressure

1.3Poor fatigue resistance, general guidance

2.Single column hydraulic press

100 ton shop press,It is mainly used for stamping, forging, correcting and small hydraulic press

2.1The structure is relatively simple and easy to manufacture and maintain. The solid open structure with integral welding can keep the fuselage rigid enough and have the most convenient operation space.

2.2 Easy to operate and use, convenient manual adjustment mechanism can adjust the pressure head or the upper table to press at any position in the stroke, and can also arbitrarily adjust the length of fast forward and work in stroke within the designed stroke

2.3Poor guidance accuracy

2.4The stiffness is poor, and angular deformation will occur when the force is applied

3. Frame type hydraulic press

100 ton shop press,This kind of machine is generally used in large tonnage drawing machine, widely used in pneumatic manufacturing and other fields

3.1Four guide rails, high precision

3.2The anti fatigue performance of the column is improved

3.3The mechanism is relatively complex, the cost is high, and the integral processing and transportation are difficult

3.4 The operation is not as convenient as the column type

3.5 Gantry frame structure: it is composed of upper crossbeam, sliding block, working table, master cylinder, hydraulic power system and electrical system. The upper crossbeam, slide block and worktable are welded with high quality steel plate.

3.6 The press cylinder tonnage of hydraulic press is realized by a piston cylinder. The cylinder body is made of high-quality forged steel. The surface of piston rod is quenched by medium frequency, which has high hardness and long service life. The main sealing parts of oil cylinder adopt high quality sealing ring to ensure reliable sealing

3.7 There are T-shaped grooves on the working table and sliding block of the hydraulic press, which is convenient for users to install T die.

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